Thoughts to Reach Fullness. 301 Selection of Quotes - Luz Boscani & Gael Rodríguez

Thoughts to Reach Fullness. 301 Selection of Quotes

By Luz Boscani & Gael Rodríguez

  • Release Date: 2016-08-24
  • Genre: Superación personal
  • Size: 956.15 KB

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"If you persevere on the journey to your heart and you dedicate time to the study and the cultivation of yourself, enhancing your virtues, you will undoubtedly reach true happiness". Luz and Gael.

Life is continuous learning and unlearning, a return to the truth. We are immersed in a world that often makes sense and other times less so.
In this luminous book we find a great selection of quotes on self-improvement, love, work, faith, relationships, wellness, and spirituality that will guide us on the short journey that makes up our existence.
These will be valuable self-help tools; inspiring, amazing, and full of wisdom.
A word, a reflection can remove us from a state of fear, doubt, unhappiness, burden, sadness. A thought can change our life forever.
Thoughts to Reach Fullness includes more than forty unpublished quotes and include the best reflections of Luz Boscani and Gael Rodriguez in their works entitled: Listen to your heart, save your life, Removing Layers of the Onion, 10 steps to Create a True Relationship Forever, Eat Consciously and Transform Your Life in 15 steps, 10 Foolproof Steps to Achieve Professional Success, Spiritual Solutions to Your Relationship Problems, 10 Key Steps to Heal your Life, Sri Sri, Poetry for Self-improvement, Honey Heart, Ephemeral, The Rose that Dresses You, and How to Write a Love Poem.

Discover the magic that hides behind each word.